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About Choice Electronics

As a service professional, you’ve probably heard of quality name brand test instruments such as Sencore.  And, quite possibly, you have worked with them first hand.  Since 1994’ Choice Electronics has been committed to offering you quality refurbished Sencore test equipment, at a fraction of its original cost.  These quality instruments at affordable prices mean more profit for your business. 

“Why buy new, when you don’t have to!”

The company’s founder, Lance Tople, wanted to make name brand testing equipment available, at prices that were affordable.  But a low price wasn’t the only concern; we wanted accurate, reliable, rugged and durable items that you could always count on.  This is exactly what Choice Electronics has done, from our first sale to our very last.   

One of Choice Electronics strengths is our relentless pursuit of understanding our customer’s needs.  We routinely “walk in our customer’s shoes,” always asking the questions: “Tell me about your job” and, “What could Choice Electronics do better to help you be more profitable?”  Through our intimate understanding and empathy of your work and your environment, we apply our technological resources to make the best quality refurbished test equipment available.  This is our commitment to you, always. 

Choice Electronics is an international business, providing electronic test equipment to customers throughout the world.  Our products have been sold to more than 30 countries around the world. 

No matter when, where, how or why you do business with Choice Electronics, we are always ready to make your job more productive, your work faster, and your professional powers and abilities more valuable. 

This is your Choice Electronics advantage!

"Why buy new when you don't have to!"
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